Sunday, 1 August 2010


The more I read, and the more I see, the more I realize that there's a lot of anti-male sentiment around. Men are routinely discriminated against by the family courts, men are routinely asked to leave their partners alone in maternity wards after a difficult birth. Men who turn out not to be the father of a child are still often required to give everything they have to raise that child.

The more I read, the more real people I talk to, the more the idea of 'male privilege' seems like a joke. Women stick together, support each other emotionally. Men are often left to deal with their issues internally in deafening silence.

So my jaw dropped when I read the following on Reddit:

John Gordon in his book "The Myth of the Monstrous Male" discusses this tactic and presents the following illustration.

Create four lists of adjectives to describe: (1) positive male traits, (2) negative male traits, (3) positive female traits, and (4) negative female traits. Gordon provides the following:

  • Positive male traits: (M+)
    • strong
    • reliable
    • independent
    • adventuresome
    • analytical
  • Negative male traits: (M-)
    • brutal
    • inflexible
    • selfish
    • reckless
    • legalistic
  • Positive female traits: (F+)
    • gentle
    • responsive
    • supportive
    • prudent
    • deep
  • Negative female traits: (F-)
    • weak
    • flighty
    • dependent
    • timid
    • superstitious

Feminism claims that M+ and F- are learned, whereas M- and F+ are innate. This is the source of bullshit like "if women ran the world, there would be no wars." Or "If women ran wall-street, we could have avoided our current economic meltdown".

If a man does something good, it's because some woman nurtured him well. If a man does something bad, it's because men are innately evil.

A lot of people believe this shit.

And they do. I may be wrong, but I think any honest feminists would probably shake their head at that kind of snowjob. It's the most disgusting kind of lie. It's no better than racial stereotyping for political reasons. If you're a feminist and you do this, you're no better than someone in 1930's Germany who had a sign on their shop which read "No Jews or Dogs". You're exactly like this. Men are starting to get angry though - we're about done apologising for being male.

You can join the discussion at reddit's men's rights section. As the moderator puts it: "we *recognize* the rights of females; we *fight for* the rights of males."

Thanks to kanuk876, menareangrynow and kloo2yoo.