I'm a 30-year-old first-time father-to-be with no clue about what comes next. I'm hoping that whatever it is, it'll be entertaining. What I'm not is the male equivalent of a mommyblogger - I'm certainly not about to post my personal details, let alone those of my wife and soon, son.

While this might make my writing a little less personal, it does mean that if you like my writing, it's because of my writing and not prejudices about my colour, race, height, weight, looks. Just my words and opinions.

That said, here's a little about me:

I love Linux, Reddit, Pratchett, KYM, Domo-Kun, Beer, Photography, Cheese, Dinosaurs, The Oatmeal, and the following words: Gazebo, Concomitant, Militating, Cromulent.

I hate Idiots.